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Sam Daily

Sam Carter, Amanda Tapping or Helen Magnus.. pictures everyday!

Sam Carter daily - an Amanda Tapping community!
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A pictures mostly (but not only) community, dedicated to the brilliant Amanda Tapping.

Welcome to sam_daily!

This is a pictures mostly (but not only) community, dedicated to the brilliant Amanda Tapping. Here you will get a daily cap of Amanda: as herself, or as any of the characters she's played. Since we are named after the character that she played for 11 years, you will get a lot of Sam Carter.
We also post links to news and updates related to her, Stargate and Sanctuary, that we find online.

As for what you can post here: anything Amanda related is allowed! Caps, news, links to interviews... anything. Your artwork is also more than welcome -icons, banners, wallpapers- just read the rules before posting.

We hope everyone enjoys being here on sam_daily, and finds the time to participate either by giving opinions or posting their work!

1. Do not hot-link pictures from other sites. If you don't have a site to which you can upload pictures, check out Photobucket!

2. We love to see any icons or fanart you have made being posted here, but if you are posting either MORE THAN ONE big picture, or SPOILERS please make sure to use an LJ CUT.

3. Posting links to downloads of full episodes and movies (or parts of episodes and movies) is not allowed, unless they are leading to legal websites.

4. Don't hesitate to post here, comment and chat as much as you'd like to, we love to see as well as hear from you, but please remember to play nice, the mods are watching you ;).

If you're wondering what is considered a spoiler here, see our spoiler policy

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We are not official, and we are not connected with Amanda Tapping, or anyone else, in any way.

We don't own anything. Stargate, Sanctuary and its characters, the other characters and the pictures belong to their respective owners. Everything posted here is for entertainment purposes only, it is not intended to infringe o­n any copyrights in any way. If you find something here that you own and want us to remove, please contact us and we will.

The information and the links posted here, are not checked or verified, so use them wisely and on your own responsibility.

We are doing our best to post all Amanda/Sam/Helen related news we can find, but don't count on us to be everywhere.

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